Driven to Work

Recruit. Boost. Retain

Why use our Driven to Work Program?

Our Driven to work is here to provide a robust commuter benefits program to allow you to:

  •  Recruit from even further
  •  Boost employee morale
  •  Retain your employees

Our Transportation Solutions best in class because:

  • Professionally trained and experience drivers. Our drivers have centuries of combined driving experience
  • We have almost $2,000,000 in commercial auto and liability coverage
  • Tech Valley Shuttle has an impeccable safety record. In five years of service in the capital region we have has ZERO accidents or safety violations. This places Tech Valley Shuttle in the top 2% of all motor carriers in the country.

How do Commuter Benefits Work?

Commuter benefits give employees the opportunity through their employer to use tax-free dollars on commuting costs and keep more of what they earn in every paycheck. Companies that offer commuter benefits also save money by reducing payroll taxes. Up to $280 / month per employee. Your company can receive a tax savings of $40 per pay period. Check out this quick video explaining more:

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Always Fresh & Clean

We follow CDC COVID guidelines to make sure you have a safe ride

Always On Time

Our drivers watch the clock and notify you so that you arrive on time

Regularly Serviced

We have a strict maintenance schedule because safety is our number one concern

Child Friendly

We keep a child seat and booster to accommodate our future leaders