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“The way it’s set up is we don’t want an individual to have to take multiple forms of transportation. And we want it to be a direct source so they’re not spending hours upon hours of their day getting to and from work, says CEO Trent Griffin-Braaf.” 

Employees can take advantage of free transportation from the Capitol Region up to the north country thanks to a shuttle schedule partnership with Tech Valley Shuttle. Their CEO tells CBS 6 this can help those who may not have steady transportation get to and from work, and can ensure that they pocket more of their earnings. But most importantly, he says this can open new doors for those looking to work somewhere outside of a city environment.

On Saturday the county is inviting people who are interested to come up to the Lake George area to see what kinds of jobs are available.

If you’re interested in going, contact Tech Valley and you could get a free ride up there.

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