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Here at Tech Valley we are committed to making an impact in the community we serve. Over the years we have aligned ourselves with a number of organizations and efforts that are rooted in serving the Capital Region. We have done work with food pantries to combat hunger, taken pride in our Prison shuttle service that directly attacks the issue of recidivism, and taken the time to pivot our resources to ensure that the homeless community is sheltered to safety during the most vulnerable weather conditions “Code Blue“.


HATAS was formed in 1927 with the mission to end homelessness within Albany County and the Capital Region.

Providing relief by meeting the immediate need for shelter, food, and clothing in addition to addressing the long-term need for affordable housing and sustainable employment. Employing a holistic wrap-around approach in caring for our neighbors in need and we serve all persons with dignity and respect. HATAS works in concert with our partners in service to eliminate redundancies and to increase the quality and variety of services available within the Capital Region.


Trent Braaf (CEO TVHS)
Maria Grillo (Deputy Director HATAS)

Founder/CEO Trent Braaf: on why working with the community is so important.

“The Capital Region and its well being is important to me, its where I’m from, and where my 3 daughters are growing up. Its important to me that they understand that service is the debt of gratitude that we owe to our existence. We as a community can pool our resources and be a part of change and impact. Everyone can have an impact that improves the community.”

Being the Change

Tech Valley is committed to a culture of impact. We want to help. Tell us your story and how Tech Valley can partner with your organization to make change.

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